CyberScale® Compliance and Risk Management Solution

Cybersecurity Challenges

While the cybersecurity threat environment is well known as a key challenge for Federal Departments and Agencies (D&As), there are other, equally important issues that need to be addressed when they seek to improve their cybersecurity and privacy (CS&P) programs. These are:

  • Increasing Federal CS&P related regulatory requirements, oversight, and guidance
  • The accelerating move to a risk management versus a compliance approach
  • Growing resource and budget constraints

To be effective in this operational environment, Federal D&As must employ CS&P programs that focus on operating in cyberspace instead of just reacting to it.

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CyberScale® Helps Improve Cybersecurity and Privacy Program Maturity and Resilience

The U.S. patent-pending CyberScale® Compliance & Risk Management solution provides a unique approach for streamlining compliance and mitigating, measuring, and reporting risk at every level of an organization.

CyberScale® provides a structured approach to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization cybersecurity and privacy (CS&P) program, operations, and/or systems. It identifies and evaluates CS&P risk using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. This determines an organization’s CS&P maturity. It also works to manage and track cybersecurity and privacy risk mitigation and the remediation response. Delivering targeted cybersecurity and privacy operational reviews or assessments is also a function.

The benefits of such an approach include a holistic view of CS&P maturity and risk impact throughout the enterprise. These organizations can then establish a CS&P baseline to manage and track cyber risk activities, establish targets, and conduct “what if” planning to reach those targets.

Key Features

  • Provides repeatable and measurable process to measure CS&P Framework Profile or risk level over time
  • Applies transformative improvements to optimize CS&P programs, operations, projects, or systems
  • Supports transition from a program compliance model to a risk management model while improving cyber resilience capabilities
  • Provides holistic, integrated, and pragmatic approach for continuous CS&P program, operations, project, or system improvement and enhancement
  • Identifies needed modifications to CS&P Framework Profile when new threats arise or CS&P requirements or mission/business strategy changes

What Sets CyberScale® Apart?

CyberScale® saves organizations significant time and resources, while helping them to truly understand the as-is state of their CS&P programs. It delivers greater in-depth analysis than any other tool or methodology available.

  • Supports NIST CSF Framework Profile and FISMA Maturity Model
  • Provides cybersecurity and privacy program focus
  • Delivers greater in-depth analysis – 1700+ data points
  • Helps organizations build/adapt/implement flexible roadmap to continuously improve CS&P maturity and resilience
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Increasing Federal Cybersecurity and Privacy Program Maturity

Here are a series of blog posts on how to increase federal CS&P maturity.

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