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Protecting and securing our nation’s resources through innovative IT solutions

Criterion’s culture celebrates the combination of outstanding technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit. The very definition of the term Criterion – a standard or characteristic trait – stands at the heart of our values. Our people meet the highest standards, not only for our ability to perform the work needed to protect our nation, but also for our commitment to the communities in which we live and work.

We have distilled this culture into six core values, described below.

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Criterion’s Values-Based Approach to Sustainability

Criterion understands the importance of going green, and we strive to reduce the negative impact our activities have on the environment. Therefore, we have embarked on an important initiative to better understand, measure, then reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. This program supports several of our corporate values, especially Commitment to Community and Strong Ethics and Integrity. Today, we support this initiative by:

  • Providing all new employees with a reusable water bottle and promoting the use of reusable coffee mugs at HQ.
  • Encouraging telework when possible and providing a commuter benefit for our employees.
  • Tracking our energy consumption and developing a greenhouse gas inventory.

As an example, we have calculated the kilograms of carbon dioxide we save annually through reusable materials. We will proudly report on our progress across more categories as we move forward!

3,696 kg greenhouse gas emissions saved annually

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