Data Science

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Unlocking Your Data’s Potential

Data Science is a key enabler for all of Criterion’s solutions. We leverage our wealth of experience with data engineering, algorithm development, statistical analysis, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) implementations to architect solutions that transform how our customers interact with and extract value from data. From cybersecurity risk management to extracting and analyzing data collected from globally dispersed IoT sensors, we provide our customers with the data pipelines, insight, and analytic reports they need to make sound, evidence-based decisions. We:

  • Control and customize algorithms and AI/ML model training to provide higher quality results to our customers
  • Intelligently transform petabytes of data through data engineering, enabling superior AI/ML models and analytic algorithms that drive mission-critical impact
  • Create and train machine learning algorithms that provide insights into emerging threats, opportunities, and mission intelligence
  • Architect and deliver customized data science environments (large or small) to meet mission needs
  • Improve customer experience through rich data visualizations

Core Capabilities

Criterion offers the following Data Science capabilities for a wide range of data problems, from small, niche data sets to large, multi-repository, petabyte-sized challenges:

  • Data Discovery​
  • Data Engineering (Extraction, Transformation, Loading, Cleansing, Integration)
  • AI/ML (Deep Learning, Predictive Modeling, Topic Modeling)
  • Visualization​
  • Business Intelligence Reporting (Value Abstraction​, Sense Making)