IT Modernization

Improving mission effectiveness, creating fiscal efficiencies, and providing the right level of security

Criterion Systems’ Agile IT modernization approach is designed to modernize agency infrastructure in a repeatable, scalable manner based on best practices identified by industry and internal government stakeholders. Using our two-speed approach, Criterion focuses its efforts on quickly fixing/updating customer-facing applications while taking a slower and more measured approach to updating backend systems. This allows very quick iterations on the frontend without incurring the concurrent cost and risk that goes along with updating supporting systems at the same time. Backend technology is updated at a more moderate pace, which ensures that technology transformation occurs without putting the organization at substantial risk.

Our Approach

Criterion’s Agile IT modernization activities enable organizations to rapidly adapt to changing environments—setting up new teams; prototyping to drive risks lower; developing strategies and plans in real-time with actionable, traceable results; and delivering new solutions to meet evolving mission needs.

Criterion’s approach delivers an IT modernization effort that:

  • Aligns with business strategy
  • Dramatically improves organizational productivity
  • Accelerates tech-savvy culture that embraces technological change
  • Reduces annual IT spend
  • Improves cost avoidance from IT projects and better contracting
  • Increases efficiency and decreases cost
  • Reduces vulnerability and improves security and privacy through the replacement of obsolete systems and the standardization of advanced technologies and new systems

Getting Started

Criterion follows an iterative approach to IT modernization that includes continual feedback and consists of Planning, Assessment, Execution, and Measurement & Tracking. Our approach provides a foundation of enterprise management which drives requirements for development and service delivery activities and provides oversight and auditing. Modernization is not a single event, but rather an ongoing process requiring continuous attention. By treating modernization as a process, organizations can better manage technology investments and continue to stay on pace with change, rather than having to engage in a costlier “catch up” situation. Moreover, Criterion gathers insights from each stage through Agile retrospectives and makes them actionable for the organization, enabling modernization solutions to be continuously assessed and considered.


Address the people, processes, and technologies currently in place and develop a plan to reduce risk, promote adoption, and realize benefits.


Assess organizational goals and objectives and take an incremental approach driven by strategic priorities and architectural focus.


Maintain continuity of operations while shifting the paradigm to a customized and well-planned managed services model that modernizes operations and achieves mission goals.

Measurement & Tracking

Gather insights from each stage through Agile retrospectives and make them actionable, enabling modernization solutions to be continuously assessed and considered.

Thought Leadership

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