Cloud Automation & Management

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Establishing and Managing Platforms and Services to Transform the Enterprise Ecosystem

Next generation cloud computing places enterprise IT architecture at the center of innovation and offers a new paradigm for customer experience. Criterion’s operational and engineering excellence helps our customers create and manage cloud infrastructure that is–by design–secure, scalable, usable, and resilient.  We accelerate architecture implementation to enable your organization to focus on its core mission.

Shifting from Infrastructure to Platforms and Services. Federal government IT infrastructure management is at an inflection point. The recent past has proven the viability of secure cloud solutions and many agencies have adopted a “cloud first” posture as a necessary and critical first step.  The next step is to change the mindset from a technological endeavor to establishing the platform for the business ecosystem. This means driving an intelligent, cloud-first strategy and moving beyond commodity cloud services to platforms and XaaS. Learn how to get started here:

Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) – The Cloud CoE cross-functional team is the conduit for transforming the way our customers transition to the cloud. They understand the various cloud adoption frameworks and use them as a guide for implementing cloud technology aligned with our customer’s business goals and strategy. Learn more about how our Cloud CoE can accelerate cloud adoption here

Core Capabilities

Criterion offers the following Cloud Automation and Management capabilities: 

  • Developing/adapting a cloud strategy and framework to tightly align enterprise platforms and services with customer missions
  • Providing outcome-aligned delivery models for services
  • Transitioning disparate architectures into a cohesive cloud platform architecture
  • Securing cloud workloads
  • Providing multi- and hybrid cloud management for interoperability and portability
  • Integrating, operating, and monitoring cloud networks (on-premises and off-premises resources combined with multiple PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS environments) with real time cost visibility
  • Establishing an application engineering environment to support development of modern application architectures such as microservices
  • Providing, implementing, operating, and managing automation across XaaS environments
  • Improving User Experience (UX)

Cloud Thought Leadership

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