Employee Testimonials

Antoine, Senior Server Automation Engineer

“Criterion leadership’s words and actions demonstrate their commitment to the success and wellbeing of its frontline employees. Having previously worked at the same company for nearly 20 years, one inevitably learns that “change happens.” I am pleased to say that joining Criterion has been one of the best changes in my career.”

Bryan, Senior Business Analyst

“What sets Criterion apart from the rest of the pack is their commitment to technical excellence, their mission-focused mindset with customers, and how well they treat their employees.”

Rosa, Information System Security Officer

“My favorite thing about Criterion is the management team. This is the first time I have worked with such a supportive, involved management team, from the site team lead to headquarters. There have been many opportunities to meet them and get to know who they are, making me feel appreciated and part of the company. Furthermore, there are great benefits and lots of opportunities for professional development. I believe Criterion has the best interest of employees at heart.”

Rachel, IT Systems Budget Analyst

“I find the support from my team and the company leadership invaluable in meeting and exceeding the needs and wants of our client. To make a transition during COVID could have been scary, but my onboarding team made it seamless and stress-free. Combined with the fact Criterion enables their employees to grow both personally and professionally made this the perfect company for me.”

Edward, Linux Administrator

“From the first day I was hired, Criterion has endeavoured to do their best to take care of me. They have gone that extra mile when it comes to emergencies and other unplanned situations that pop up. Combined with the positive work environment, I may have had the best three years of my work life so far.”

Zachary, Information System Security Engineer

“All my life I’ve wanted to code. Criterion is the first company to hire me to do this while also providing excellent benefits and an HR team that works for you, flexible scheduling including working from home, and a management structure that interacts directly with their employees. This is the happiest I’ve been with an employer… ever.”

Christy, Senior Recruiter

“One of the things that I love about working at Criterion Systems is their commitment to their employees. As a recruiter, you never want to hire someone for just one job. You want to hire people for a career. I have found that the goal of most government contractors is to put a butt in a seat, whereas Criterion wants to provide a career path. When talking to potential candidates, I love being able to speak to the fact that we look internally to promote prior to hiring externally. That’s a big advantage in this industry.”

Maria, Program Analyst

“I’m proud of Criterion’s extensive community service. Delivering donations to food banks across the country, sponsoring charity events, and being a patron sponsor of The Women’s Center show the company’s commitment, through both financial contributions and employees’ active participation. I look forward to more opportunities to do good work with Criterion team members!”

Sean, Capital Planning Program Manager

“I have been in the IT industry for more than 20 years. When I started looking for a company where I could use my years of IT experience coupled with my security clearance, Criterion Systems was the answer. Company leadership is one of a kind. They care about their employees, from work-life balance to our benefits. My manager advocates for me, having taken the time to get to know me, my gifts, talents, and skill sets. Furthermore, you can always count on senior leaders’ attentiveness and listening ears. The company enables me to thrive!”

Thomas, Security Auditor

“Criterion Systems is the third company I’ve worked for since I retired from the military. What sets Criterion apart from the previous companies are the people. They accepted me from day one and continue to mentor me to make a stronger team. The project we are on allows us to telework, which helps me as a single parent when it comes to flexibility. In my previous positions, I burnt most of my vacation time taking time off to take care of medical and dental appointments for my kids. Additionally, Criterion provided tuition assistance with my master’s program in my first year with the company. I’m grateful to work with such outstanding professionals.”

Joe, Proposal Manager

“Since moving into the Government contract arena, I have worked for no less than five different companies and each of those for a number of years. I am in my fifth year here with Criterion and I can tell you that we are doing things right. From the front-line contractor on up through to Promod, our CEO, we have the customer in mind and we get the task done and done well. I have never worked remote full time before this assignment, and I feel more supported and appreciated than I ever have in any other place I have worked.”

Jordan, Master IT Budget Analyst

“I have worked for Criterion for a year and a half and can say it is an ideal place to work for professionals because the leadership is supportive, responsive, and genuine. I have experienced and witnessed those qualities in the forms of the benefits provided, opportunities for growth, and consistent effort made to listen to and show appreciation. I am also proud to work for an organization that is charitable in the communities in which we live.”

Ashley, Applications Engineer

“It’s truly a pleasure working for a company that invests in you as much as you invest in it, all the way from local leadership to executives. Criterion empowers me to be the best employee I can be.”

Michelle, Senior Windows System Administrator

“I appreciate that Criterion truly cares about its employees. They provide opportunities for growth and professional development, provide local volunteer opportunities, and plan awesome social gatherings! I also like that the company supports efforts that enable its business partners to succeed. I hope to be a part of this family for a long time.”

Jeffrey, Senior Enterprise Program Facilitator

“I enjoy working for Criterion Systems. I have found that they are very easy to work with as the staff is professional while also being personable and very helpful. Leadership is great at all levels; they encourage involvement and team building but solitary people are comfortable too. Criterion has a great small company feel but offers big company support and benefits.”

Mark, Project Manager

“I have worked in the IT field for almost 40 years, mostly as an IT Manager and Project Manager on various government contracts. I watched many of my co-workers make the move to Criterion and was curious. I talked with some of them and was impressed with their stories about how the company provided them with a friendly, supportive work environment. I reached out to the CEO (Promod Sharma) to see if Criterion could use my skills and was overwhelmed with the interest he showed as he welcomed me into the Criterion family. I am coming up on my third year with the company as an IT Project Manager and look forward to many more great years with Criterion.”

Amy, Cyber Operations Lead

“I love working for Criterion. They are by far the best company I have ever worked for. I feel spoiled to work for them, they take great care of their employees, their families, and even pets! It’s nice to work for a company where leadership knows your name and accomplishments and acknowledges your hard work.”

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