Criterion University

Criterion University is a key professional development and career benefit for Criterion employees

Being employee-centric is one of Criterion’s corporate values. As part of this, we are continually looking for new ways to support our employees’ professional development and career goals. Therefore, in 2021, we launched Criterion University, a centralized resource and benefit for all of employees. The three pillars of this program are a mentoring program, a training program, and an internship program.

Criterion offers tuition reimbursement for external training and provides a variety of internal management, technical, and other types of corporate training.

Criterion holds one four-month mentoring session per year. Mentees are teamed with mentors from among the company’s management and senior leadership to help them plan and navigate the next stage of their careers.

Criterion hosts interns each summer. Applications open in the spring.



Having the opportunity to be part of the Criterion mentoring program has been extremely beneficial for me. It made me feel like I am not alone in figuring out complex managerial items. In addition, my mentor presented great ideas for work/life balance. I am grateful to have been included in the mentor program and look forward to continued discussions with my mentor!


The Criterion mentoring program shows the commitment this company has to their employees’ career development and success. I received invaluable insight, guidance, encouragement, and network connections from my mentor which enabled me to pursue a career change into cybersecurity.


The Criterion Mentoring program was a tremendous opportunity. From my mentor I learned new techniques and perspectives for navigating professional situations. Group sessions with leaders of the company also helped to enable success with my projects and peer interactions. I consider it time very well spent!


I would highly recommend the Mentor/Mentee Program to anyone looking to learn from other leaders what it takes to become an effective leader to help them grow in their current role and position themselves for the future.


Being part of the Criterion Mentoring program was an invaluable experience.  I gained a greater appreciation for how all components of the company play a critical part in delivering for the customer in their own way, which helps foster an environment where teamwork is key for continued growth and future contracts.


Being a part of the Criterion Mentor Program was a great career opportunity.  My mentor and I shared very similar higher education and work experiences which made the experience less stressful than I had anticipated.  After speaking with my mentor and the hosts of our “field trips” to other Criterion departments, I discovered that some of the challenges I faced were in fact, very common. While my mentor has moved on from Criterion, we keep in touch at least twice a month for brief touchpoints.