Criterion Innovation Lab

Providing Infrastructure to Enable Championed Team Criterion Ideas, Projects, and Efforts to Be Tested and Scaled for Customer Environments

Today’s fast-paced business and technology environment demands innovation. Companies must be quick to test, fast to fail, agile in their approaches, able to transfer knowledge among subject matter experts, and rapid to market with scalable, effective solutions for customers.

Simply put, our Technology Vision is to maintain and enhance the mission of our current and future customers by delivering the most advanced and robust technological services that are fused to Criterion’s core values.

Criterion’s Technology Strategy and Innovation process is enabled by the Criterion Innovation Lab. This geographically dispersed hybrid cloud and on-premise infrastructure enables us to test tools, software, and ideas, and to develop new solutions for our customers.

All our technology decisions and strategic execution are data driven. In other words, we are disciplined in our approach, which is transparent, cost-effective, and results-oriented. In the end, our customers benefit from well-tested, proven solutions that quickly deliver value.

The Criterion Innovation Lab helps to ensure that we are intelligently and intentionally meeting the technological needs of our current and future customers while simultaneously supporting the professional development of our workforce.

Anthony Monas, Chief Technology Officer, Director of Criterion Innovation Lab

Thought Leadership

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