Criterion’s Centers of Excellence

Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Consolidates Cybersecurity Best Practices to Help Our Teams Deliver Innovative Solutions and Achieve Operational Excellence for Our Customers

Today’s evolving cyber threats faced by Federal departments and agencies (D&A) cover a wide range of malicious activities from nation-state sponsors, criminal organizations, terrorist groups, hacktivists, insider threats, and others. These threats come from highly advanced, group-based entities that seek to operate inside of and maintain a presence on and in their target’s systems. When coupled with increasing regulatory requirements and oversight, the move to a risk management versus a compliance approach, and growing resource constraints, these threats presents huge challenges.

To be effective in this operational environment, Federal D&As must employ a cybersecurity program that focuses on operating in cyberspace instead of reacting to it. The need for innovative cybersecurity approaches, methodologies, and best practices that address interoperability, usability, and privacy is critical for the nation and the Federal government.

Criterion | Headshot
John Harrison, Director, Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Cloud Center of Excellence

Brings Together Cross-Functional Expertise That Transforms How Our Customers Transition to the Cloud

Cloud computing has spurred transformation and innovation across the IT industry. However, successfully leveraging cloud computing continues to present challenges to organizations. Areas of concern include data security; insufficiency of resources and expertise, particularly of employees with technical skills in cloud computing; IT services governance; cloud cost management; strategizing multi-cloud environments; compliance; cloud migration; vendor lock-in; and cloud integration – ensuring on-premise apps and tools work together with the cloud. None of these challenges, however, mean that your IT modernization and transformation activities need to remain grounded. Criterion has the expertise to help organizations put a well-managed cloud adoption journey in place.

Criterion’s Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) provides our customers with a cross-functional team that drives cloud maturity forward. It:

  • Builds the foundation for a successful cloud migration through re-factoring and re-engineering applications.
  • Establishes cloud foundation services with automated build and deployment, IaaS, built-in security, and user-centric dashboards for cost reporting and alerts.
  • Helps organizations keep pace with the rapid innovation associated with adopting the cloud and ensures our cloud solutions remain aligned with our customers’ business goals today and into the future.
Shailesh Patel, Director, Cloud Center of Excellence

Program Management Center of Excellence

Serves as a repository of best practices and lessons learned from our decades of experience to ensure the successful implementation of complex, large-scale projects.

Kicking off or transitioning complex, fast-moving IT projects can be relatively straightforward due to strategic planning and requirements development. However, conflicting priorities, technological change, lack of official authorization, insufficient process, and low visibility/accountability frequently act as barriers to successful completion. Program and executive leadership may not have the right information or timely access to the expertise required to successfully support effective decision making, adding to the challenge of keeping projects on track. To meet this challenge, Criterion developed its Program Management Framework, which is comprised of processes, methodologies, and templates to help us guide customers towards greater maturity, no matter their starting point.

Criterion’s PM Center of Excellence provides our customers with the expertise and tools needed to ensure program success:

  • We incorporate heterogeneous lifecycle models (from Waterfall to Agile), bringing the best of each approach to help support customers on their IT transformation journeys.
  • 80% of our Program Managers and Project Managers are PMP certified.
  • Training and certification in Agile disciplines; SAFe Framework Bronze Partner.
Jerry Black, Vice President
Jerry Black, Director, PM Center of Excellence