We Welcome Veterans

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We Welcome Veterans


By Krissy Rogers

As a mission-focused government contractor, Criterion Systems is a great place for veterans to transition into a civilian profession. With more than 44 retired and prior enlisted veterans working in our Las Vegas location alone, Criterion offers a supportive environment and work that matters. In fact, we were recently recognized as a Patriotic Employer in Las Vegas.

We are proud to give back to the veteran community by sponsoring and participating in the 2018 Shootout for Soldiers in Arlington, VA, and supporting Team Rubicon, a disaster response veterans service organization, in its efforts to help Houston recover from Hurricane Harvey.

If you are interested in learning more about us, Criterion frequently participates in the Transition Assistance Program job fairs at Langley AFB, Ft. Eustis, Ft. Belvoir, and more. We’d be happy to chat with you at one of these events (we announce them on our blog beforehand, under the events category. Furthermore, we post all of our jobs to veteran-friendly sites such as https://www.localjobnetwork.com and www.clearancejobs.com.

Here are two testimonials from Criterion employees who are former military:

“When I transitioned from active duty Navy, I sought leadership roles within government programs to further my skills as an officer. Criterion has great clients for whom to do National Security work, and great Program Managers as mentors. My skills and responsibilities are growing very fast, and I have to thank the Criterion team for making my job so rewarding and satisfying.” Dominik, Program Manager.

“Criterion Systems is the third company I’ve worked for since I retired from the military. What sets Criterion apart from the previous companies are the people. The team I am lucky enough to work with are brilliant professionals that are easy to get along with. They accepted me from day one and continue to mentor me to make a stronger team. The project we are on allows us to telework which helps me as a single parent when it comes to flexibility. In my previous positions, I burnt most of my vacation time taking time off to take care of medical and dental appointments for my kids. The flexibility in my schedule has really changed my life with my kids. Additionally, Criterion provided tuition assistance with my master’s program in my first year with the company. I was also one of the first recognized as employee of the quarter in Criterion’s new employee recognition program for the first quarter of the 2017. I really enjoy my new position with Criterion and I’m grateful to work with such outstanding professionals.” Thomas, Security Auditor