Veterans’ Voices: Meet Roland, Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM)

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Veterans’ Voices: Meet Roland, Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM)


Today, we get to know Roland, an Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) at Criterion and veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

What branch did you serve in?

United States Marine Corps

What was your position?

I had many positions over a 22-year career, but my primary specialty was Avionics Technician. As I progressed through the ranks, I became the Avionics Chief.

What was the time frame you were in the military?


What was the most rewarding aspect of serving in the military?

We moved every couple of years and lived in many places including Okinawa, Japan. 

What lessons learned during your service do you apply to your job now in the civilian sector?

To value honor and integrity above all else and to take responsibility for your actions. To do what needs to be done simply because it needs to be done – without waiting for someone to tell you to do it.

Why did you choose to pursue a job in Government Contracting? How do you like it?

I was able to leverage both hard skills and soft skills that I learned in the military and my understanding of government operations allowed me to hit the ground running.

What advice would you give to military members who are about to re-enter civilian life?

Forget about whatever rank you held and accept that you will be starting at or near the bottom. Your military training will make you stand out and you will move up the ladder faster than you did in the military. Don’t make excuses for your failures but learn from them and don’t make the same mistake twice. Actively seek responsibility and understand that fixing the problem and fixing the blame are not the same thing.