Value-Add Cycle Key to Trust-Based Employer-Employee Relationships

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Value-Add Cycle Key to Trust-Based Employer-Employee Relationships


Criterion | Value Add Cycle | CareersBy John C. Pross, PMP, Vice President, Senior Program Manager

At Criterion, we believe the only true measure of success is customer satisfaction. This means we are customer-focused and mission-driven in everything we do. As an employee-owned company, we all have a stake in the outcome, and, from a management perspective, this has driven us to nurture a different kind of employee-employer relationship: one based on a cycle of adding value vs. a simple services-compensation transaction.
I thought it would be useful to share with you what Criterion has learned about how this value-add cycle has created trust-based relationships where everyone at the company has each other’s best interest in mind. There is no doubt that this trust has supported our company’s success. Whether you are a current employee or someone thinking of joining our company, my hope is this will give you some insight into what makes us special.

Interactive, Responsive Communications Lays Foundation for Success

The relationship between an employee and employer is most beneficial if it is interactive and responsive, fostering an ongoing interchange, dialogue, and collaboration between both parties. Company managers work with employees as partners, helping them to grow while they in turn help their managers ensure programs succeed. This mutual effort is good for the company and for the individual: both succeed in both the short and the long term.

For example, you, the Criterion employee, deliver value to the company through your superb performance. As you add value to Criterion, the company strives to add value to you by caring for your success and taking action to reflect that care. We are committed to employees across the continuum of short-term performance, personal well-being, and long-term professional growth. We understand that personal well-being is critical for professional success, so our effort extends beyond providing a fair salary/wage, competitive benefits, and a professional career growth plan: Criterion managers are charged with developing timely solutions to help address your challenges, problems, or issues.

Continuing through the value-add cycle in this example, you then provide exceptional job performance and active support of the pursuit of new work as Criterion cites your expertise or leverages your proficiency in proposals. This interactive relationship results in the enhancement of Criterion’s business development efforts, proposals, and subsequent awards. New work presents professional growth opportunities across the company: it opens new and exciting positions for current employees to step into; as they take on new roles, their vacated positions open for other’s advancement. It also reflects corporate growth, enhancing the ability to excel and to pursue and win more new work. Finally, there is a financial reward for being an integral part of the business success.

Avoid Flipping the Badge

In the business of federal government contracting, employees may find themselves changing employers and flipping their badge when the contract is re-awarded. Our belief is that if you feel that having Criterion as your employer adds value to your personal and professional lives, you will more likely provide exceptional job performance and support Criterion’s proposals and growth efforts, enabling Criterion to retain its work and for you to retain Criterion as your employer. In the end, both employer and employees win! Your personal well-being and professional success are an essential component of Criterion’s success. Thank you for all you do, every day, to contribute to our shared success.