TWC Annual Leadership Conference Offered Impressive Stories of Resilience

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TWC Annual Leadership Conference Offered Impressive Stories of Resilience


Several Criterion employees participated in The Women’s Center 35th Annual Leadership Conference last Friday. More than 600 attendees gathered virtually from around the globe to hear inspirational stories and advice from leaders in business and community. Criterion is pleased to be a patron sponsor of the event, which had the theme Learn, Pivot, Grow. Here are some of the reactions from Team Criterion:

“I have attended the Leadership Conference for the past 12 years, and every time I walk away, I am filled with energy and determination to be a better leader. This year was no different and listening to the brave stories of Nasreen and Moira I was reminded of the amazing work the Center does. I am proud of my company’s support of this wonderful organization.” Marcie C.

“The Women’s Center Leadership Conference was truly inspiring. Despite the unfathomable challenges that some of these women faced, I am truly amazed not only at what they did to overcome them, but what they also did to help prevent other women from having to ever go through what they have gone througdh! Thank you for the opportunity to listen to each of them.” Lynne H.

“I loved being able to attend the virtual leadership conference. It is so inspiring to listen to the women speakers and the challenges they have had to overcome in their careers and personal lives; all while being positive and sharing hope.” Vanessa B.

“I found the conversations to be very enlightening. I was impressed with the willingness of the presentations to share some very intimate details of things they have encountered as women in and out of the workplace. I have been a fan of Julie Donaldson for a long time as a sports reporter and now in her new role with the Redskins. They all gave a perspective that as men we never or hardly ever encounter. Was well worth the time to listen.” Jerry B.

“TWC continues to shine as a premier organization advocating for and making a measurable difference in the lives of women enabling them to grow out of adversity, evolve their talents, and mature/exercise their leadership for the betterment of our communities and our nation.” John P.