Through My Lens: October

Through My Lens: October


Seeing a city from an elevated viewpoint is always fascinating. When he travels, Criterion’s CEO, Promod Sharma, always looks for such vantage points to take a photo.

Through My Lens: Photos by Promod Sharma
Cape Town From Above

Where were you when you took this photo?

I was in Cape Town, South Africa.

What inspired you to take this photo?

I took this photo of the city while I stood on a cliff. You could see the whole city from where I was standing.

When you see this picture what does it remind you of?

It reminds me of how great a place Cape Town is. The city has a mixture of new and old architecture. Also, the water and the mountains are such a beautiful sight.

What camera did you use to take this photo on?

iPhone 11

What other details would you like the readers to know?

The city of Cape Town has a mixture of mountains, hills, and valleys. When you travel closer to the coast of Cape Town, you can see upscale housing. I consider that side to be like the Beverly hills of Cape Town.