Through My Lens: November 2022

Through My Lens: November 2022


One of Promod Sharma’s favorite photography subjects is flowers. Every season, he likes to visit locations such as the Tidal Basin and other places around Washington, DC, to take photos. He usually manages to snap some examples during his travels to other locations as well. Many of these are featured in this column. This month, he wanted to share a special favorite:  the gorgeous fall flower arrangements always found in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown.

Where were you when you took this photo?  

The Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown, Washington, DC.

What inspired you to take this photo?  

The beauty of the arrangement with the beautiful mixture of colors are exceptional.

When you see this picture, what does it remind you of?

The world is full of beautiful and extraordinary flowers. The placement of the different types of flowers together makes its own special look and statement. 

What camera did you use to take this photo? 

I took this picture on an iPhone 13.

What other details would you like the readers to know?

Every season the hotel has the most extraordinary arrangements. They mix their colors and designs very well. I always look forward to walking through the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown this time of the year.