Through My Lens: December

Through My Lens: December


Whether you enjoy snow on the ground or a sunset through palm trees, such as in this photo from CEO Promod Sharma, we hope you have a safe and healthy holiday season!


Where were you when you took this photo?

I took this photo in Pensacola, FL. I had gone there to attend their Holiday party in 2019.

What inspired you to take this photo?

When I was standing from afar, I just loved how the sunset was peering through the trees.

When you see this picture, what part of that trip does it remind you of?

It made me want a place by the water so that I could have a view like this all the time.

What camera did you use to take this photo?

I took this picture on an iPhone 11.

What other details would you like the readers to know?

We were one our way to the Holiday party and looking from the deck, the whole sky had a golden glow. This kind of landscape is something you don’t see in DC in the winter!