Summer Internship Program Wraps Up

Summer Internship Program Wraps Up


By Ernesto A. Brux, Marketing Intern

After a summer of hard work, Criterion’s interns have successfully finalized their individual projects. In addition, we were assigned a high-level group project to design a new service Criterion could offer its customers and present it to the executive leadership team. This was a great opportunity for us to learn to work across our departments, applying our specific skills and figuring out how to work effectively as a diverse group.

Each intern came with good insight, a spirit of collaboration, and education hailing from their department of interests. The project raised some interesting challenges, as we wrestled with understanding business strategy, the differences between services and products, the competitive landscape, technical constraints, and how to shape a service that we believed would be of value to our customers. We were coached throughout the effort and were excited to hear the positive feedback we received from company leaders.

Grace Tran, a technical intern, said, “I enjoyed working on the high-level project, seeing each department’s collaboration, and learning new skills, gaining knowledge and practical experience.”

Cameron George, another technical intern, thought the summer program was “fun and engaging, with a good departmental dynamic. It was also great to interact with other interns from different departments.”

Personally, I found the summer program to be fun, I was able to learn different areas of marketing such as events coordination, graphic design, blog content drafting, social media, and website design. I had the opportunity to interview and work with several different people from recruiting and program management and feel like I learned a lot!

Criterion’s internship program will continue next summer, with applications opening in the late spring.