Reflecting on the Washington Nationals (Nats) and the World Series

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Reflecting on the Washington Nationals (Nats) and the World Series


By Promod Sharma, CEO

Last week I had the pleasure of spending time with Criterion colleagues cheering on the Nats here in the DC region and attending the victory parade. I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the thoughts I had as I watched this team battle and win. The Nats showed great unity, adapting to the highs and lows, and staying in it to the end. They never gave up and finally, won the first World Series in their franchise history.

I think there is an important lesson for all of us in this example of fortitude: keeping positive and uniting in the face of change. 2019 has been a year of transition for Criterion. We are adapting to the arena of full and open competition, going up against the big players, and, consequently, having to upgrade our skills and double down on our efforts. Our business strategy, which we put in place several years ago, remains coherent and powerful and we are well positioned for continued growth.

This growth demands agility in leadership and execution. It also means that change is inevitable. We will gain new customers and close some projects. We will hire new people and valued colleagues will leave to pursue their own paths and dreams. In the end, however, I have no doubt that we will always be successful; failure is not an option. Remember, together Team Criterion is unbeatable!