Promod Sharma

Promod Sharma, President and CEO

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Promod Sharma is the President and CEO of Criterion Systems. Promod is responsible for setting the strategic direction, creating and modelling the company culture, building and leading the senior executive team, and allocating capital to the company’s priorities.

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Through My Lens: Photos by Promod Sharma

Promod has many interests and hobbies. One of them is photography, a passion that he takes very seriously. For Promod, photography is an outlet to help him decompress and cope with the ever-increasing demands of his job.

Pre-pandemic, when Promod traveled to visit Criterion’s employees at sites across the US or for leisure, he’d set off, camera in hand, to capture his surroundings. Sometimes it was as easy as looking out his window. We’d like to share with you these photos of the world through his lens. Once Promod is able to start travelling again, we’ll get another look at the ever-changing landscapes he visits.