Meet Rocky, Alternate Senior Watch Officer

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Meet Rocky, Alternate Senior Watch Officer


Today, we get to know Mark, a.k.a, “Rocky,” an Alternate Senior Watch Officer (ASWO) at Criterion and veteran of the US Navy.

What branch did you serve in?

U.S. Navy

What was your position?

My final assignment was as a Chief Personnelman with Navy Recruiting’s National Training Team where I traveled to Navy Recruiting Districts and Military Entrance Processing Stations throughout the continental United States and Puerto Rico conducting inspections and training.

What was the time frame you were in the military?

Nearly 23 years – from December 1982 to August 2005

What was the most rewarding aspect of serving in the military?

I served on both coasts and got to travel the world. While with Navy Recruiting Training Team, I was able to travel across the United States. Plus, I did all of this while developing and mentoring subordinates. Watching them succeed and getting promoted up in the ranks was very rewarding.

What lessons learned during your service do you apply to your job now in the civilian sector?

Semper-Gumby: Always Flexible. Expect the unexpected. Be ready to change speeds from nearly no activity to trying to find five minutes to get a bottle of water!

Why did you choose to pursue a job in Government Contracting? How do you like it?

I took some time off after retiring from the Navy to run a business that my wife and I purchased. After a while, all it needed was my wife’s leadership and I needed to get back to serving our country. Fellow retired sailors that I served with in Guam had relocated to the area (Pensacola, FL) and next thing I know, I was working with them again. It’s a great living and the competition for former military with security clearances is intense, keeping wages up.

What advice would you give to military members who are about to re-enter civilian life?

Get your certifications. Maintain your clearance. Know the job market for where you plan to settle down. Ask the people you know who have recently separated and are currently employed a ton of questions. Utilize the job boards to get your resume out there.

Editor’s Note: Criterion has many veterans and active reservists among its leadership and staff.  You will find their profiles in our Life at Criterion category.