Guided by Our Corporate Values, We Persevere and Succeed

Criterion| Leadership

Guided by Our Corporate Values, We Persevere and Succeed


By Promod Sharma, CEO

I frequently tell customers and colleagues that Criterion’s culture celebrates the combination of outstanding technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit. It was my intention from the outset to build a company that provided innovative, high-quality services to our Federal customers while providing a great place to work for our employees. To us, customer satisfaction means more than just meeting performance requirements – it means understanding our customers’ missions, learning how our services enable mission success, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers to ensure they are able to achieve their goals.

The past few years have seen our company grow tremendously, and, overall, I think we have managed the tensions of growth very well. I always say, we are in business to win, but on our own merit and not by discrediting anyone in the process. Over the years, a key attribute of our success has been Criterion’s foundation of absolute adherence to a core set of values that guide our behavior in all circumstances. I am proud to say that we have never in the history of our business crossed the line into unethical behavior. By staying true to our values, I have confidence that we will all rise to meet the challenges 2020 have presented us and persevere.

Criterion | ValuesFor those of you who are new to us, and as a reminder to our current team, I would like reiterate Criterion’s six core values. They are:

  • Technical and Professional Excellence: Criterion has the people, processes, tools, and technologies to deliver high-quality support across the full scope of cybersecurity and IT services.
  • Strong Ethics and Integrity: Criterion leadership and its employees do the right thing, always.
  • Employee-Centric Culture: Companies are built with people, not desks and chairs, and Criterion takes care of its people.
  • Commitment to Community: Criterion’s corporate philosophy holds that true success requires us to give back to our community.
  • Mission-Focused: Criterion is a trusted advisor to key government decision makers, delivering services oriented to a dynamic, threat-based strategy.
  • Customer Success: From the CEO’s office to the front lines, Criterion’s people understand that there is only one true measure of success: customer satisfaction.

The very definition of the term Criterion – a standard or characteristic trait – stands at the heart of our values. Our people meet the highest standards, not only for our ability to perform the work needed to protect our nation, but also for our commitment to the communities in which we live and work. They have repeatedly demonstrated this commitment over the past months, and I am proud of them. As I always say, great employees build great companies. Criterion is successful because of each and every one of them!