Criterion Welcomes Veterans

Criterion Welcomes Veterans


As a mission-focused government contractor, Criterion Systems is a great place for veterans to transition into a civilian profession. Veterans and active reservists make up a large part of our leadership team and staff. They bring invaluable insight and real-world experience. As an employer, we strive to make our workplace as supportive as possible for our nation’s past and present military members.

Translating Our Corporate Values

One of our many veterans at Criterion recently suggested to us that we should provide a translation of our corporate values into language that closely reflects that used in the military. 

Criterion strives to protect and secure our nations’ resources through innovative IT solutions. Our culture celebrates the combination of outstanding technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit. This is reflected in our six Core Values, which you can find below along with what each means, in language we hope resonates with veterans.

  • Technical and Professional Excellence: Criterion possess all the necessary TTPs – that is the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures – required to deliver high-quality support and direction to our government customers, much like specialized cybersecurity and/or IT service units and staffs support critical military operations.
  • Strong Ethics and Integrity: At Criterion, we exercise courage and honesty by doing what is right and are committed to holding ourselves and others accountable.
  • Employee-Centric Culture: Our culture at Criterion is one where we treat each other with dignity and respect; we abide by the leadership principle of taking care of our people.
  • Commitment to Community: Whether it’s 4 years or 40 years of service, the Armed Forces returns better citizens to their respective communities. At Criterion we recognize the value of giving back to our community as well.
  • Mission-Focused: Criterion employees exhibit the determination and dedication to get the job done. It is a mindset as much as it is a habit, and we are fully committed to our customers: their mission accomplishment is our mission.
  • Customer Success: The rapid growth of Criterion as a company speaks to the consistently high level of satisfaction we deliver for our customers, and that trajectory is on a steady upward path.

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