Criterion Sponsors Shootout for Soldiers In DC July 26

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Criterion Sponsors Shootout for Soldiers In DC July 26


Criterion employees have been involved in the Shootout for Soldiers events for several years around the country. We sponsored the Washington DC event last year and are doing it again this year. Here are some words from project manager Bob B. about his, and his son’s participation in the event.

“I’ve been involved with Shootout for Soldiers starting in 2013. When I started, the event gave myself and other like-minded people a chance to play the sport of lacrosse and combine it with our desire to help our veterans. I love playing lacrosse and I love our veterans — both are never far from my thoughts. My friends, colleagues, and teammates also have deep-seated feelings and emotions about our veterans and the challenges they faced during deployments and when they return home. We all come together to honor our service men and women, express our pride for the country, and show our gratitude to those that have served. This all translates into a community of lacrosse players showing the love and pride we have for our veterans. For me, there’s an intense satisfaction that I’m helping to make our veteran’s challenges just a little more tolerable and working together alongside my lacrosse warriors give the event a grand purpose. It’s like standing up for your buddies, going to war to beat down the challenges, and declaring victory by making a difference in our veteran’s lives.

My son Jacob got involved when he was a teenager and we have had the opportunity to play together several times over the years supporting different events in Baltimore, Seattle and Washington DC. I don’t know if the event inspired him, but he now serves as officer in the Army, current working on his medical residency to become an Army emergency room doctor. You can see the event has taken on a bigger meaning since my son has chosen to help our veterans in other ways.”