Criterion Produces Three Career-Advice Webinars for The Women’s Center

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Criterion Produces Three Career-Advice Webinars for The Women’s Center


Criterion’s recruiting manager, Krissy Rogers, and Eleanor Aubrey, a recruiter at Criterion, have produced three webinars this year for the Mindful Career series hosted by The Women’s Center. For forty-five years, The Women’s Center has provided mental health counseling, support, and education to the metropolitan area to help people live healthy, stable, and productive lives. Criterion is a patron sponsor of this organization.

One of the services the organization offers is devoted to education and career advice.  To date, Krissy and Eleanor have completed three webinars on the following topics:

  • How to Create or Revamp your LinkedIn Profile
  • Interview Best Practices
  • How to Deal with Recruiting Professionals

“The Women’s Center is a great organization and has helped many people in our area over the years,” said Eleanor.  “We were happy to share our experience as recruiters with people seeking to learn how to improve their chances of finding a great job.”

“After attending the TWC leadership conference this spring and seeing the impact the organization has, I was excited about sharing what I know with people seeking to launch, re-launch, or take their careers to the next step,” added Krissy.

Over the next few months we’ll share tips from these webinars.  You can consult the list of upcoming events at The Women’s Center website to find out when these webinars will be available.