GSA Multiple Award Schedule

IT Professional Services

IT Professional Services Overview

IT Professional Services and/or labor categories for database planning and design; systems analysis, integration, and design; programming, conversion and implementation support; network services, data/records management, and testing.

GSA Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services SIN: 54151HACS

HACS Overview

The General Services Administration (GSA) Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) is a unique way for the federal government to access cyber-focused companies that have been awarded the HACS after a rigorous technical evaluation. The (HACS) Special Item Number (SIN) 54151HACS is:

  • Designed specifically to provide government agencies with quicker and more reliable access to key, pre-vetted cybersecurity support services that will expand agencies’ capacity to test their high-priority IT systems, rapidly address potential vulnerabilities, and stop adversaries before they impact the networks.
  • Provided by a specialized subset of cybersecurity companies under GSA’s Multiple Awards Schedule (MAS), the largest and most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government.
  • Fast and reliable access to a pool of approved HACS vendors able to identify and protect a customer’s information resources, detect and respond to cybersecurity events or incidents, and recover capabilities or services impaired by any incidents that emerge.

Using HACS results in a credible prime that can deliver assessment services needed for systems categorized as High Value Assets (HVA) as well as Vulnerability Assessments (RVA), Security Architecture Review (SAR), and Systems Security Engineering (SSE). Additional services include Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Security Operations Center (SOC) services focused on Penetration Testing, Incident Response, and Cyber Hunt.

Benefits of Using GSA HACS SIN

  • Access to a pool of ~80 technically evaluated cybersecurity vendors
  • Key, pre-vetted support services that will expand capacity to test high-priority IT systems, rapidly address potential vulnerabilities, and stop adversaries before they impact the networks
  • Ease of use associated with GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)
  • Rapid ordering and deployment of services
  • Reduction in open market ordering and contract duplication
  • Cybersecurity/acquisition support resources from GSA


Cloud Computing Overview

The GSA Cloud Computing & Cloud Related IT Professional Services Special Item Number (SIN) 518210C allows federal, state, local, and tribal agencies to purchase:

  • Commercial cloud IT professional services (labor categories) that support activities associated with assessing cloud solutions, refactoring workloads for cloud solutions, migrating legacy or other systems to cloud solutions, providing management or governance of cloud solutions, cloud DevOps/DevSecOps, developing cloud native applications, or other cloud-oriented activities.
  • Commercial cloud computing services that meet the definition of “Cloud” per the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-145 “The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing”.
  • Commercial cloud computing services, per the NIST definition, are provided under a Service Model, at least one Deployment Model, and meet all the Essential Characteristics (operational requirements).

The Cloud SIN offers three service models: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). All of Criterion’s cloud-related professional services may be purchased using the SIN.

Benefits of Using GSA Cloud Computing SIN

  • Receive acquisition and technology assistance from the GSA Cloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services Team.
  • Provide centralized and streamlined access to cloud computing services and cloud-related IT professional labor.
  • Distinguish qualifying cloud services from non-qualifying cloud services in order to find the right solutions quickly.
  • Receive a smaller number of responses from more highly qualified contract holders. View available Cloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services contract holders on GSA eLibrary.

GSA Multiple Award Schedule:

GSA MAS Contract # 47QTCA23D0037

Period of Performance:

January 9, 2023 – January 8, 2028



Contract Types:

All allowed (FFP/CR/T&M/Hybrids)

Contracts Contact:

Steve Mast
703-942-5800 x313