Congratulations to our 2018 Employee Award Winners!

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Congratulations to our 2018 Employee Award Winners!


Our employees continue to impress with their dedication to their work and helping our customers. In December, we recognized four people in particular for their contributions to Criterion over the past year:

Corporate Employee of the Year: Alison Wolfe

The Corporate Employee of the Year is given to the individual who most embodies company culture, lives and breathes its values on a daily basis, delivers exceptional customer service to fellow employees and provides the dedicated and consistent support required to allow our employees to render exceptional customer service to our customers. Outstanding Customer Service is not just a requirement….it’s an attitude. Congratulations to Alison Wolfe.

Technical Employee of the Year: Chuck Black

The Technical Employee of the Year recognizes the individual whose work has significantly advanced the concepts, knowledge, and practices of their customer’s technical strategy while supporting further development of Criterion’s core capabilities portfolio. This person is responsible for brainstorming new initiatives, improving customer environment, and figuring out how to provide even better thought leadership for our customers. Congratulations to Chuck Black.

Program Manager of the Year: Cary Thomas

The Program Manager of the Year award recognizes the “Best of the Best” in program management, customer service, and leadership. This individual represents true leadership and is invested in nurturing employee professional development, consistently exceeds customer deliverables, and has a steadfast commitment to customer mission success. Additionally, this individual consistently embodies company culture and contributes to corporate growth, both organically and new business. Congratulations to Cary Thomas.

Employee of the Year: Dan Chandler

The Employee of the Year is Criterion’s MVP. This is the employee who consistently goes above and beyond. This person delivers exemplary service to all peers, customers and partners. In their daily work life, they exhibit Criterion’s core values of Commitment, Customer-driven, and Mission-focus. With his technical brilliance and humble demeanor, we would like to congratulate Employee of the Year Dan Chandler, Criterion’s CISO.