Christy Cooper, Cyber Recruiter: What Helps a Candidate Stand Out?

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Christy Cooper, Cyber Recruiter: What Helps a Candidate Stand Out?


Christy Cooper is a Senior Technical Recruiter for cybersecurity positions at Criterion. With extensive experience in the IT and services industry, Christy plays an integral role in helping Criterion find the right talent and working with candidates to make sure they are putting their best foot forward during the evaluation process. She likes to say she hires for a career, not just a job! Read on as she offers advice to help candidates navigate Criterion’s hiring process.

What makes a candidate stand out to you during the screening process?

A candidate stands out to me when they discuss how they participate in events outside of work that complement their career field. For example, it is a bonus when a cybersecurity candidate has participated in capture the flag events and ranked within the competition.

What are some of the key points you like to drive home about the work we do?

The points I like to drive home actually depend on which project I’m recruiting the candidate for and the corresponding role. One of the things I like to emphasize about Criterion as a company is that we like to promote within the company. We are more interested in hiring for a career rather than just a job.

What are questions you like to ask to help you better understand how a candidate might fit into Criterion’s corporate culture?

I like to ask candidates what they need from their next job. It’s important to understand why each candidate is looking for a job or what they want in their next role. Answering these questions help me understand the candidate’s motivation and cultural fit.

What do you like best about recruiting as a profession?

Recruiting as a profession is exciting. To be successful, you need to be on the front lines of changing trends. You are exposed to new tools, terminology, and methodologies as new positions open. I need to understand these new terms or tools so I can recruit the best talent. This means that there is never a dull day in recruiting!