Amanda Martin, Intelligence Solutions Recruiter, Offers Candidates Tips for Success

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Amanda Martin, Intelligence Solutions Recruiter, Offers Candidates Tips for Success


Amanda Martin is a Senior Recruiter for Intelligence Solutions at Criterion. She started as a college recruiter, then grew in experience at a staffing agency before starting to help recruit talent in the IT field. She joined Criterion a couple of years ago.

What are some of the key points you like to drive home about the work we do?

We are very mission focused and proud to support our Federal Government customers. We are a mid-size company with great resources/people/culture and as such can compete with bigger companies. In fact, even throughout the pandemic, we grew in our head count and purchased several companies. Today, we are aggressively growing the IC side of the house. (See Open Positions).

How do you select among candidates with similar credentials?

First, I look for people who have a desire to support the mission. Then, I want to see if they are hungry for growth and willing to learn/step out of their comfort zone. People who succeed at Criterion are generally eager to “roll up their sleeves” and do what needs to be done to make the contract a success. I also appreciate people who look beyond the monetary value of their job.

What are some of the special considerations you must address when it comes to recruiting cleared professionals?

I have an understanding that they cannot disclose everything they do for security reasons. I frequently work at night to accommodate their schedule since they generally work in a secure location and are not able to have their cell phones with them. Furthermore, I make sure I keep up on technology so I can talk shop with them and read between the lines of what they do. Finally, I keep current with contracts, knowing when they are up for recompete, longevity of the contracts, the mission/shop it is/supports, and the tech that is used.

What is your biggest challenge in recruiting?

Recruiting people that have been trained to be innominate (classified).

If you would like to meet Amanda in person, as well as Criterion hiring managers and IC staff, please RSVP to our next Intelligent Mix networking event on July 21 from 5-7 p.m. at Bushel & Barrel in Tysons Corner.